TEDxAcequiaMadre is a catalyst for community mobilizing around ideas worth sharing and building upon

TEDxAcequiaMadre events come in many forms: a yearly conference; community forums; lecture series; virtual brainstorming sessions; and outdoor theater. We are interested in problem solving and strengthening communities. TEDx events have a history of presenting ideas on everything from how new software is designed, to promoting sustainability in local farming, to the inspiration behind world class art events. Our 2012 TEDxAcequiaMadre conference topics illustrate the wide range of issues we address and help communities mobilize around.

The 2012 TEDxAcequiaMadre conference, held on November 3, highlighted innovation in sustainability, local investing, information technology, entertainment, health, safety, design, and social change. It featured local speakers who dared to inspire — and act. Conference attendees were residents seeking and engaged in dynamic dialogue.


About “Acequia Madre"

Acequia Madre — Mother Ditch — brings to mind something natural, nurturing and of the elements. It is the manner in which life-sustaining water finds a home above the earth. Acequia Madre is also a Santa Fe street lined with adobe homes, running parallel to Canyon Road, which houses more than 100 art galleries. It flows to a few blocks from the historic Plaza and the State Capital, where lawmakers gather to ponder and plan the fate of New Mexicans. Acequias have a proud history in Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico illustrating cooperative water use to support communities.

Good ideas, like acequias, flow from a central source out to nurture and replenish.

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